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Your Child's Health, Our Priority, Always

Are you a parent that is constantly worrying about your child? Does every cough, sniffle, or sneeze send you running to google to figure out what could be wrong? It is completely normal to be over-protective and always fretting that something is wrong. That is where 24-hour pediatric care can give you peace of mind, alleviate your anxieties, and most importantly, ensure your child is safe and healthy.

What Is Pediatric Telehealth

Sometimes your child might begin experiencing or have worsening symptoms outside of standard pediatrician office hours. If you are worried or unsure about waiting until the next day, telehealth is a convenient way to take advantage of same-day appointments that allow you to speak to a healthcare professional in minutes. 

Conveniently open after hours, pediatric telehealth services like the ones offered by Hello Pediatrics provide your child with the same quality of care and treatment that is delivered by your regular pediatrician. Board-certified healthcare clinicians can diagnose and treat infants, children, and young adults through the age of 21. Your child can get the care that they need from a computer, tablet, or phone – all from the comfort of their own home. No more dragging your sick child out of the house to visit crowded hospitals or doctor’s offices.

Pediatric telehealth services are covered by most insurance providers and you do not need a referral from a pediatrician to use this service. We partner with your pediatrician and will send them a complete detailed summary of your virtual care visit to ensure they always have the medical history of your child. Pediatric telehealth is easy, convenient, affordable, and available from the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

What Types of Care Do We Offer

Day or night, weekdays or weekends, our certified healthcare professionals are available to treat a variety of medical issues and injuries. We offer the same quality of care as your pediatrician, just after hours and from the comfort of your couch. A virtual care visit can be made for:

What Symptoms Do We Treat

We know children are constantly experiencing various bumps, lumps, scapes, sniffles, and boo-boos. Usually, things are not as bad as they might seem, but it is always better to be safe and get your child checked out to make sure everything is okay. Our virtual care team is capable of treating a multitude of symptoms, including:

Why Choose Hello Pediatrics? 

Hello Pediatrics is a 24-hour pediatric care provider, offering telehealth services to Virginia and the surrounding area. We are here to give you and your family peace of mind – anytime and anywhere. Get your child the care they need right away, and book an appointment with us today.