Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Halloween is supposed to be filled with sweet treats and loud laughter. Let’s try to keep it that way with some of these Pediatrician approved safety tips. Costumes of all kinds can and should be worn. The brightly colored ones are most visible […]

RSV Infections in Children

“I just assumed she would fight the cold off just like her older brother did, but I was wrong.” – Jackie, mother of Sophia (6 months), bedside at the local children’s hospital What does Sophia have?  RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which is a common virus that causes mild, cold-like symptoms in older children and healthy […]

Should My Sick Child Stay Home or Go to School?

More often than not, it’s easy to tell when your child is too sick to go to school. They’ll likely display symptoms like fever, vomiting, or something more contagious like pink eye. Unfortunately, other times it might not be so clear—they’re coughing with no fever or are exhausted with no other symptoms. While having a […]

When to Visit a Virtual Pediatrician vs. Going to Urgent Care

When your child is feeling sick, knowing when to take them to urgent care versus when a virtual pediatric visit is sufficient can be challenging. While virtual and urgent care aren’t meant to replace your pediatrician, they are good options when you need to be seen after hours, on weekends, or more quickly than your […]

Top 4 Benefits of Visiting the Doctor Virtually

When your little one is sick, you need a friendly, reliable, and convenient healthcare service that works on your schedule. A pediatric after-hour urgent virtual appointment is an effective way to communicate with a doctor in a place where you feel most comfortable, in your home, about vital health issues regarding your child. Day or […]

How to Prepare for Your First Telehealth Visit

While no child particularly enjoys going to a doctor’s appointment, the idea of a virtual pediatric visit can also be intimidating to some kids. As a parent, you know there are various advantages to taking your child into their pediatrician’s office, but sometimes other circumstances make this next to impossible. After-hours sicknesses, busy schedules, and […]

What Non-Emergency Symptoms Can be Evaluated Virtually?

Picture this: it’s just past 8 PM, and your child wakes up with a runny nose, fever, and terrible cough. Your first thought is to treat them with home remedies or over-the-counter medications. They fall back asleep, only to wake up an hour later with worsening symptoms. By 9 PM, your pediatrician’s office is closed, […]

Sending Your Child to Camp for the First Time Since COVID-19

Here’s what you should consider as a parent sending their child to camp for the first time since COVID-19. “You mean I get to be with my friends and just have fun? ALL DAY?” – Macallister, 5 years old.  Covid forever changed everyone’s lives, one way or another. For children, they simply forgot how to […]