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Beating The Heat with Kids

Beating The Heat with Kids

Beating The Heat with Kids

Hydration is key!   

  • Keep water readily available and encourage frequent sips/drinking when outdoors.   
  • Infants, especially those under 6 months of age should be offered extra breast milk or formula, but never water. 
  • Stay indoors with air conditioning if your child is sick or has a fever. 


Use water to cool off: 

  • Drinking cool or cold water helps cool the body.  
  • Cool baths, cool water mist, or swimming all help cool the body as well. 
  • Trips to the pool or beach can be fun but also expose children to lots of heat when they aren’t in the water.   
  • Be sure to take frequent breaks in the shade hydrate, and also limit the time out if the sun/heat in the mid-day.  


Take frequent breaks:  

  • On hot days, shorter excursions during the early morning and evening are the best time to enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Plan ahead with indoor activities such as crafts, trips to the local library, indoor play groups, etc. 

Watch for signs of heat illness such as extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, feeling faint, nausea, vomiting, headache, extreme thirst, confusion, muscle aches or spasms and seek care immediately if any of these symptoms occur.  

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