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Your Child's Health, Our Priority, Always

Keeping Your Children Healthy During Holiday Travel

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, for many families, travel. Sometimes it’s to another town; sometimes it’s to another country. Whether you’re visiting relatives or enjoying a winter getaway, keeping your children healthy while traveling is a top priority. As you prepare for the journey, consider these tips about how to prevent sickness and keep your little ones in good health.


Frequent, Proper Handwashing

Teach your children the importance of proper handwashing. Regular handwashing with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. If your young ones are still learning, remember that correct handwashing means scrubbing your hands, fingers, and wrists while singing the “Happy Birthday Song” twice.


Antibacterial Wipes for On-the-Go Cleanliness

Keep yourself and your children clean during your travels by keeping antibacterial wipes handy. Wipe down surfaces, such as airplane armrests, tray tables, and hotel room doorknobs, to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria.


Wear Masks When Needed

While COVID-19 may be less prevalent now, crowded areas still pose a risk of respiratory infections. Especially in the winter, colds and the flu run rampant and are a great way to ruin an otherwise fun vacation. Encourage your children to wear masks in crowded places to minimize exposure to airborne viruses and bacteria.


Make Healthy, Balanced Food Choices

Opt for snacks and meals that are nutrient-dense during your travels. Pack a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain snacks to make sure your children get the essential nutrients needed for a strong immune system. Excellent options include baby carrots, grapes, bananas, nuts, unsalted pretzels, and more.


Take Vitamins and Supplements

Consider speaking with your Pediatrician about how to prevent sickness and support your child’s immune system with appropriate vitamins and supplements. Vitamin C and D are particularly important during the winter months when sunlight exposure may be limited. Multivitamins are often sufficient, so confirm with your doctor!


Get Enough Sleep

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule for your children or as much as you can when traveling. Make sure your children, especially young ones, get enough rest to support their overall well-being and immune function.


Keep Travel Medications that are Safe for Kids

Pack a small travel medical kit with age-appropriate medications and bandages. Include items like children’s pain relievers, fever reducers, and any prescription medications your child may need. It’s always better to have these items and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.


Make Time to Relax: Balancing Activities

Holiday travel can be hectic, but it’s important to balance fun activities with relaxation. Allow time for breaks and moments of calm to help your children unwind and reduce stress.


It’s helpful to have a plan in case your child falls ill. This is where Hello Pediatrics’ pediatric telehealth services can be invaluable. With our telehealth platform, you can connect with experienced, board-certified Pediatricians from wherever you are, even if you aren’t close to your regular Pediatrician.


Contact Hello Pediatrics for Pediatric Telehealth Services

In moments of uncertainty or if your child becomes sick during your travels, Hello Pediatrics is here to help. Our pediatric telehealth services offer a convenient way to seek expert medical advice and guidance without disrupting your travel plans. Give us a call at (855) 576-8745 to learn more about how we can support your child’s health and well-being, even when you’re traveling.


This holiday season, prioritize your child’s health and safety during travel. Safe travels!