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When to Consult Your Pediatrician About Your Child’s Fever

child's feverOne of the most common calls that Pediatricians receive is from concerned parents when their child has a fever.

Fevers can be unnerving for parents, especially for new parents navigating through the early stages of parenthood. Monitoring and recognizing the signs of a high temperature are important. However, not all fevers should leave parents in a panic, and a fever is not an illness. It is a symptom or sign that your child is fighting an illness or infection.

The treatment for many fevers is simply allowing it to run its course. Knowing the difference between that type of fever and one that needs treatment can help your child get better faster and provide a parent peace of mind during what is an uncomfortable time for their son or daughter.


What causes a fever?

A fever is a temporary rise in body temperature and is one part of a response from your child’s immune system.

Most fevers are caused by infections or illnesses, and a high temperature makes it more difficult for the bacteria and viruses that cause infections to survive. Some common causes of fever include ear infections, Strep throat, Covid, the Flu, upper respiratory tract infections (URIs), and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Children can also develop a fever after receiving vaccinations


When to see a pediatrician?

Although many fevers can be treated at home with rest, fluids and over-the-counter medications, a temperature that will not come down with proper dosages of medications can be an indicator of a more serious infection.

You should call your pediatrician when your child has a fever in these cases:

  • If your baby is less than three months old, and their temperature is above 100.4 degrees.
  • If your child is over the age of three months and has a fever above 100.4F degrees and is experiencing symptoms such as being unable to keep fluids down, a rash, difficulty breathing or waking up, or not urinating, or your child is not up to date on their immunizations. Your doctor may need to examine your child to determine potential underlying causes of the high temperature. You should seek emergency care if the fever is accompanied by symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, a stiff neck, a rash, the inability to keep fluids down, difficulty breathing or swallowing, or burning while urinating.


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