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24-Hour Telehealth Services for Children in Hanover County, VA

24-Hour Telehealth Services for Children in Hanover County, VA

When your child is sick or injured, getting them the care they need is critical. But what do you do when your Pediatrician’s office is closed, or you can’t leave the house? One option is telehealth service. With telehealth, parents in Hanover County, VA, can access pediatric care anytime, anywhere. Hello Pediatrics is a telehealth service for children ages 0-21, and we act as a bridge between you and your primary care physician’s office. 

A Pediatric telehealth provider offers virtual healthcare services to children and their families using a computer or mobile device. This service provides access to licensed Pediatricians who can diagnose and treat several medical issues. Parents can communicate with a Pediatrician in real time through video, phone, or chat. With 24-hour telehealth services for children, parents in Hanover County, VA, can access medical care for their children from the comfort of their own homes without the need to visit a doctor’s office or emergency room. 

Benefits of 24-hour Service

One of the most compelling benefits of 24-hour telehealth services for children is that it offers parents a convenient and accessible way to access pediatric care. Many parents have difficulty scheduling appointments during regular office hours, which can lead to delayed medical care or missed appointments. With telehealth services, parents can access medical care for their children at any time of the day or night. There’s no need to travel to a doctor’s office. This saves parents time and money and ensures that children receive prompt medical care when they need it most. 

Telehealth can also help parents avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. Many parents might not be sure when their child needs a trip to the emergency room and when they can stay home and ride it out. Telehealth gives you an in-between option. It provides parents access to a provider who can help them determine if their child’s medical condition requires a trip to the ER or if they’re treatable at home. It helps parents ensure that their child receives the appropriate level of care.

Always remember that if you have a true medical emergency, call 911 or get to the closest hospital immediately. 

In Hanover County, VA, Hello Pediatrics offers late-night and weekend telehealth visits to complement your primary care provider. Our team is available to provide all types of care, including cold and flu symptoms and mental health. We understand that parents in Hanover County, VA, may have difficulty accessing medical care for their children on weekends or after office hours, which is why we offer late-night and weekend telehealth services. 

Our telehealth services are easy for children and parents to use. We know that a sick child is stressful, and getting reassurance can be as important as knowing what to do. We proudly serve Hanover County, VA as your local pediatric telehealth provider. If your child is under the weather and your regular provider is closed, don’t head to Urgent Care. Reach out and book an appointment with us online. We’ll see you soon!