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Patient Testimonials

Based on 21 reviews
Bi Lin
Fantastic doctor! We called late in the night for our 3m old little kid and the doctor called us back immediately. She very carefully examined our kid through video visit and gave us advice. Thanks to the super professional team or we would not sleep well ourselves. This team is worth trusting while in need.
A Habib
The process was very seamless and the pediatrician was awesome. He let us know that it’s still best to have his pediatrician take a look at our son the next day but that we didn’t need to go to the ER. It’s a wonderful option for after-hour illness help!
Krista Markert Reed
We always have a great experience when we need to see someone urgently but don’t think it warrants and ER visit or waiting for hours at urgent care. Every doctor we’ve interacted with has been great and we will continue to use Hello Pediatrics for after hours care when my kids are sick!
Ann Conant Rulon
Great! Super easy to be connected with a provider quickly during regular pediatrician’s off hours. Will definitely use again.
M&d Kingdom
They where exactly what my kids needed thanks for all y’all do 🥰
Tam Man
Dr. Dawit Demisse was beyond helpful and calming! We wish he was closer to us! We also got a call the next day from Dr. Hanning Chief Medical Officer, to answer follow up questions (which she didn’t have to do.) Very pleased with Hello Pediatrics.
Yuly Majano
Very nice, helpful, easy and fast. Doctor was very nice and thorough. Appointment went smoothly.
Rachel Watson
I was able to talk with someone at 9pm and get a televisit with a Physician within minutes. Everyone from the start was so kind and patient since my little one was crying off and on. Tech side of things - no issues. Would highly recommend!
Dima Saettel
Hello pediatrics was a super convenient way for us to see a physician without having to go wait for hours at an urgent care! I would highly recommend them :) We had a few technical issues to access the link at first, but that was quickly resolved!
Krista, Virginia, 1 Child
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Asifa, Virginia, 1 Child
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Lauren, Maryland, 1 Child
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Ashley, Virginia, 1 Child
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Rachel, Virginia, 1 Child
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Alejandro, Virginia, 1 Child
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Ann, Virginia, 1 Child
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Danielle, Maryland, 2 Children
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Tamir, Virginia, 1 Child
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