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Your Child's Health, Our Priority, Always

Illness can pop up at any time, day or night. But what happens when your child gets sick after hours when the pediatrician’s office is closed? Hello Pediatrics is a virtual pediatrics service that offers the same quality care and expert diagnoses as your regular pediatrician, just after hours and from the comfort of your home.

Able to diagnose and treat a wide range of your child’s symptoms and most illnesses, injuries, sniffles, coughs, rashes, or boo-boos, a pediatric telehealth clinician can help your child around the clock.

Benefits of After-Hours Pediatric Care

The idea of virtual pediatrics might seem like a new and different concept to people, which can be scary. But telehealth providers like Hello Pediatrics are redefining what healthcare means and increasing the options and availability to care for your child. Our board-certified clinicians have the same ability of care, which allows after-hours pediatric care to offer many benefits that traditional healthcare cannot. 


The most apparent benefit to after-hours care is the ability to receive the care your child needs from the comfort of their own home. Odds are, your child is already miserable enough when they are sick or dealing with an injury. There is nothing worse than having to drag your sick kid to a doctor or hospital. With pediatric telehealth, your child gets diagnosed and treated from home while still in their pajamas. 


Being a parent is challenging and busy enough. If your child gets sick, it can throw a wrench into your entire schedule. Avoid the whole process of driving to the doctor and waiting all day to be seen. After-hours pediatric care allows you to get your child checked out after work hours or on weekends. When an illness pops up, you can schedule a same-day appointment and often get seen in minutes.


We saw during the pandemic the increase in people neglecting issues that likely needed medical attention out of fear of being exposed to something much worse at a hospital or urgent care center. By using virtual pediatrics, you eliminate the risk of your child being exposed to something else in a waiting room or office and also protect other people from something your child is sick with.

Peace of Mind

Every parent has certainly freaked out because their child has a headache and google says it could be a brain tumor. It is quite normal to be overprotective and worried about your child. Instead of wasting all day driving to the doctor for every sneeze, sniffle, or cough, the ability to quickly jump on a telehealth appointment can allow you to be extra cautious and always ensure your child is okay.

Pediatric Telehealth in Spotsylvania County, VA

Your child should not have to wait or be inconvenienced when they aren’t feeling well. With Hello Pediatrics, virtual pediatrics care is available after hours to ensure your child can get the care they need in a comfortable, convenient, safe, and affordable way. We partner and work directly with your pediatrician and are accepted by most insurance providers. When your family needs us, Hello Pediatrics will be there.