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Your Child's Health, Our Priority, Always

When it comes to your child’s health, you want the best care available. Sometimes, though, health concerns don’t always follow a convenient schedule. That’s where Hello Pediatrics steps in, providing exceptional after-hours pediatric care for residents in Alexandria, VA. We act as a vital supplement to your child’s primary Pediatrician, offering an accessible pediatric clinic to fill in the gaps when their doors are closed.

Quality Pediatric Care Over Extended Hours

At Hello Pediatrics, our services seamlessly complement the services offered by your child’s primary Pediatrician. We provide extended hours of care to accommodate your family’s needs. Our team of board-certified Pediatricians, nurses, and healthcare professionals deliver high-quality, after-hours care for infants, children, and young adults from ages 0 – 21.

Convenience When You Need It

Health concerns tend to arise when they’re least expected. Whether it’s a late-night fever, a troubling cough, or a swollen finger that can’t wait, our virtual pediatric clinic is here to provide accessible care. Our after-hours care is a reliable resource for parents when your regular Pediatrician’s office is closed.

Extensive Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, so we can address a variety of health concerns. We specialize in providing care for common childhood illnesses and injuries, from fever and coughs to minor wounds and allergies. Our experienced healthcare professionals are capable of handling various conditions, including:

Supporting Primary Pediatricians

Hello Pediatrics is more than just an after-hours clinic. We’re your partner in pediatric care. After every visit to our clinic, we send a detailed summary of the care provided to your child’s Primary Care Pediatrician. This open line of communication is vital to supporting the continuity of care. It allows your Pediatrician to stay informed about the treatment your child received, making follow-up care easy.

Pediatric Telehealth for Alexandria, VA

Life’s demands and unexpected health concerns don’t always line up with traditional office hours. That’s why we offer pediatric telehealth services, which allow you to connect with our board-certified pediatricians from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s a telehealth consultation late in the evening or during the weekend, our goal is to provide your child with the care they need.

Contact Us Today

When your child’s health is at stake, you can count on Hello Pediatrics to provide top-quality, after-hours care near Alexandria, VA. We act as an accessible, supportive, and convenient resource for families throughout the community. To learn more about our pediatric care services or to schedule a virtual visit, please contact us at (855) 576-8745. We look forward to being your partner in your child’s health.