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Top 4 Benefits of Visiting the Doctor Virtually

telehealth doctor When your little one is sick, you need a friendly, reliable, and convenient healthcare service that works on your schedule. A pediatric after-hour urgent virtual appointment is an effective way to communicate with a doctor in a place where you feel most comfortable, in your home, about vital health issues regarding your child. Day or night, weekday or weekend, Hello Pediatrics makes it easy to receive treatment for your child at a time that works best for you. From receiving telemedicine prescriptions to creating a personalized treatment plan for your little one, below we highlight several other advantages of visiting the doctor virtually. 



Probably the most significant benefit of a virtual doctor appointment is convenience. You can’t plan the days your child is feeling sick, making it difficult to pack them up and transport them to their pediatrician’s office. When you call on our team of clinicians, we make it easy for you to receive streamlined, patient-centered pediatric care at a time that fits into your schedule. 


Fast Action Care

For many families with young children, a doctor’s appointment requires time planning and traveling to the office. You have to take time off of work, pull your child from school, find a babysitter for your other children, and miss work if they catch an illness. When you schedule an after-hour virtual appointment, you can receive pediatric care quickly, without planning your day around visiting a doctor’s office. When you schedule a telehealth service with our board-certified clinicians, we act as a complement to your pediatrician, so your little one gets on the road to recovery at the first sign of illness. 


Saves Time

If you find yourself rushing to and from doctor’s office visits when your children get sick, it can quickly eat up hours of your day. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by in-office patient visits, a virtual care visit can be the best answer. A virtual appointment typically takes ten to thirty minutes and requires no travel time, missed work, or school.


Quality Care

Going virtual doesn’t mean you have to compromise on patient care. An after-hours care visit creates a safe space for children and their families while their clinician learns about your child’s unique needs and medical history. At Hello Pediatrics, our compassionate care technicians are here to treat anything from bumps and lumps to sniffles and sore throats. When your provider isn’t available, we are here to provide:

  • Urgent care appointments
  • General medicine 
  • Telemedicine prescriptions 
  • Dermatology services
  • And mental health assistance


After-Hour Urgent Virtual Appointments by Hello Pediatrics

When your pediatrician’s office is closed, we are here to deliver the most comprehensive healthcare services for your little one. We treat a range of symptoms and illnesses through your computer, phone, or table at a time that works best for you. As a partner to your pediatrician, we send a detailed report after your appointment to ensure they know what happened and how to follow up if your child needs additional care. Book a virtual care visit online today.