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As a parent, nothing is more stressful than dealing with a sick child in the middle of the night. And for Pediatricians, providing after-hours care can be a challenging and often overwhelming task. However, with the rise of telehealth, Pediatricians can now provide high-quality care to children, even outside regular office hours. 

Telehealth is a technology-driven solution that allows Pediatricians to remotely diagnose and treat children and adults who are not physically present in the office. This service is especially helpful for after-hours pediatric care, as it allows Pediatricians to provide medical care to children, no matter the hour. 

Benefits of Telehealth

One of the most significant advantages of telehealth for children is that it can reduce unnecessary emergency room visits. Many parents with sick children after hours may rush to the emergency room because they don’t know what else to do. However, telehealth can give parents access to a Pediatrician who can provide medical advice and help them determine if a trip to the emergency room is required. It not only saves parents time and money but frees up emergency room resources for more serious medical emergencies. 

Another benefit of telehealth is that it allows Pediatricians to provide timely medical care. Children don’t always get sick during office hours, and delays in care can lead to more severe health problems. With the technological advantages of telehealth, Pediatricians don’t have to wait. In the best-case scenarios, they can let parents know what’s wrong with their child and reassure them that they will be ok. Immediate medical care can prevent illnesses from worsening. 

Telehealth for children can also help Pediatricians provide continuity of care. When a child sees the same Pediatrician for most of their medical needs, that doctor becomes familiar with their medical history. Knowing what to expect from patients allows doctors to give better care. However, when a child sees a different doctor all the time, the level of care tends to fluctuate. Telehealth lets pediatricians care for patients any time, day or night, so kids don’t need to see a stranger. 

When Not to Use Telehealth

Telehealth cannot be a substitute for every situation. Sometimes a child needs to be physically present or get to the emergency room. Telehealth acts as a bridge between families and their doctor’s offices. It’s one more tool in the toolbox for parents and doctors to use responsibly. It can help improve the quality of care patients receive, even after hours. 

If you have a true medical emergency, call 911 right away. 

What We Do

At Hello Pediatrics, we understand the importance of after-hours pediatric care. That is why we offer telehealth services for our clients in Fairfax County, VA. We are integrated with most primary care providers and will ensure your doctor gets a detailed account of the issues we discussed. We cover a wide variety of different types of care, including general medicine and mental health. We complement your pediatrician, meaning we can be here when they are out of the office, after hours, and even on vacation. 

When a parent calls us with a sick child, they will be directed to a member of our staff to talk to them and their child, assess the situation, and let them know what further actions are needed. Our services are typically faster, more convenient, and less expensive than the ER or urgent care. So the next time your child spikes a fever at 3 AM, visit our website to book an appointment.

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