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Parents know that children can become sick or injured at any time, and the need for medical care doesn’t always fit into regular office hours. It can be especially challenging for families living in rural communities, where access to healthcare services may be limited. Fortunately, Hello Pediatrics offers care for children in our community, providing access to quality medical care regardless of time or location. 

Telehealth is a type of virtual healthcare that allows parents to connect with licensed Pediatricians through video, phone, and chat. This technology offers a secure, confidential, and convenient way to access medical care for children. Parents can use pediatric telehealth services to get advice on minor illnesses and injuries, receive a diagnosis and treatment plan, and even fill prescriptions. 

Benefits of Telehealth

One of the most significant benefits of telehealth for children is that it offers care during off-hours for children in Lancaster County, VA. Parents can access medical care for their children any time, day or night, without waiting for office hours. That means parents can get medical advice and treatment for their children at the first sign of illness or injury, which can help prevent more serious medical issues from developing. 

Telehealth is especially beneficial for families living in rural areas, where access to healthcare services might be limited. Pediatric telehealth can be a lifeline for parents who live far away from medical facilities or have difficulty accessing transportation. It allows them to get medical care for their children without leaving their homes. It saves time and money and reduces the need for unnecessary travel. 

Telehealth services also offer a more efficient way to access medical care for children. Parents who need to take time off work to bring their children to a doctor’s appointment can use telehealth services to save time and minimize disruptions to their work schedules. Pediatric telehealth can also help reduce wait times at primary care offices, urgent care, and emergency rooms since parents can schedule appointments at times that work for them.

Telehealth can offer high-quality medical care for children. Licensed Pediatricians can provide a wide range of medical services through telehealth, including diagnosing and treating common childhood illnesses and injuries, providing medical advice and education, and prescribing medication when necessary. This means parents can receive the same quality medical care through telehealth as a traditional doctor’s office. 

What We Do

Hello Pediatrics acts as a bridge between you and your doctor’s office. We are here to provide you with all types of care during late nights and weekends when your doctor’s office is closed. After any visit, we send your primary care provider a detailed report of everything we discussed so they can be updated with any changes or recommendations.

Using our website is easy. We work with most doctor’s offices in the Lancaster County, VA area and even take insurance. Our prices are usually less costly than what you would get at an urgent care or emergency room, so if you aren’t sure if you need to go, we can help. Book an appointment online so we can help you and your family feel better.

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