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Who needs a Flu Vaccine and Why?

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Who needs a Flu Vaccine and Why?

The Influenza virus, often referred to as “The Flu” is an acute respiratory illness that usually causes more severe symptoms, and lasts longer than a common cold, in both adults and children.  In some cases it can lead to more severe illness or complications such as pneumonia or respiratory distress.

The best way to protect against influenza viruses is by getting an annual vaccine.

The vaccine is available as either an injection (Flu Shot), or nasal mist/spray (Flu Mist).

Every year an updated, safe, and effective vaccine is developed to protect against the flu.

Who should get the vaccine:

The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that everyone 6 months of age and older receive an annual influenza vaccine to update protection against, as well as reduce the risk of serious complications, from the virus.

Although it is recommended for everyone, vaccination is especially important for:

  • Young children 6 months to 5 years of age, including those born prematurely.
  • Any age child with chronic conditions such as immunodeficiency, asthma, diabetes, sickle cell, or others which may increase risk of complication from respiratory infections or fever.
  • Pregnant individuals (the vaccine will help protect the infant after they are born)

Side Effects:

The vaccine has minimal side effects and does not cause the flu.

The most common side effect to the Flu Shot is a low fever, redness, soreness, or mild swelling at the injection site.

The flu mist may cause a mild runny nose, stuffy nose, or sore throat.

Children with an egg allergy can safely receive the flu vaccine.

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